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Originally Posted by xntrx View Post
Part of the back pressure is also encouraging EGR (increased pressure differential).

Where are you at with the camshaft advance and separation?

How are you reading the afr? Most o2's i've seen max at around 27.
I still haven't settle on a pre-set cam advance number. The cam's I'm running now are very close to the 5-speed stock turbo cam's. Also I do have control over the cam's advance and retard this year with my adjustable cam gears.

Intake MT opens 21 BTDC close 51 ABDC lobe height 35.493 (34.993 limit)
Exhaust MT opens 55 BBDC close ATDC 9 lobe height 35.493 (34.993 limit)

I'm running two W/B O2's. One a Innovate that reads a max lean of 22.39:1 and the other is a AEM W/B that reads a max of 18:1

How I'm coming up with 30:1 is through my dataloggs by reading air mass flow and fuel mass flow.

Pressure Gradient Force
The Positive Side of the Number Line

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