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Originally Posted by Gregte View Post
Also, I apologize for hijacking the thread. It was not my intent. I was not paying attention.
That's ok, I got my answer, highjack away.

Originally Posted by Gregte View Post
To get back on the subject of simple fuel economy devices, one that can be made quite easily, and in my opinion is very useful, is to feed the fuel injector signal to a voltmeter through a simple resistor/capacitor circuit. This allows you to monitor the voltmeter to see the relative amount of time the injectors are firing. You can learn when they are completely off (high speed deceleration) and when you are better to use a higher gear or lower gear, or when it is better to have engine off or left on regarding intended decel with engine braking.
Funny you should mention that. One of the manufacturer specific X-gauges I have access to on my Escort is Fuel Pulse Width. However, I have limited understanding of how to interpret it and thus how to use this data to improve my driving style. One thought I had was that if my injectors do shut down under certain coasting situations (the much discussed "cutoff") that perhaps I would be able to see this by looking at fuel pulse width. But all I really see happening is FPW rising and falling somewhat in line with throttle position and RPM. I can see slightly different values by coasting in neutral vs coasting in drive, but that doesn't really tell me much.

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