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Charlie, you’re absolutely right about the challenges and the suspension. With the higher tire pressure, it feels like I’m driving a brick on the winter roads. Many much newer vehicles were in and out of repair shops this past season with multiple breakdowns. At 13 years old, Emma needs some suspension work. I’m planning on having her coils, shocks, struts, bushings and bars replaced before next winter. Big investment, but I love the vehicle.

Seatofpants, yes, I can imagine the moose just looking at you and your buddy as a minor inconvenience! As you know, they’re huge as adults. It seems there is a fatal moose/vehicle collision most years. Many folks don’t realize just how tall the beasts are. Hitting a fully-grown moose head-on, even with a typical truck or SUV, many times results in the legs of the moose snapping and its body crashing through the windshield. Tragic.

UltArc, I’m interested in some of the mods, but I’m very hesitant on a lot of them. I seek both high mileage and vehicle reliability/longevity. Most vehicles don’t last 10 years up here. I need to weigh the mod benefits against potential degradation of Emma’s reliability, cost and effectiveness throughout all the Maine seasons. As an absurd example, running all-season tires instead of studs during the winter would definitely increase mileage, but I’d have much less vehicle control during winter storms, which are unavoidable at times.

I’d be interested in reading any specific suggestions for mods from folks. I’ll review the list and ask folks for advice, given my environmental challenges.

Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome!
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