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I live off the grid and love LED lights too.
Make power from a 500 watt Airx 6 bladed wind turbine and 2X80 watt PV.
Cook electrically & very efficiently with a rice cooker and electric skillet.
I am working on a highly efficient fridge using thermoelectric technology.
...but consider this
A combustion engine is extremely inefficient, if you saw the PBS show by the Click and Clack guys, you know now how really bad it is.(glossed over by them)
During the show Amory Lovins(Rocky Mountain Institute) said about .3% efficient by the time the energy burnt hits the road!!
Heck I just purchased a scangauge to teach me how to drive my Geo better, but at such poor efficencies even a fly on the windshield would make a difference.
On the other hand AC induction motors are
70-80% efficient, which makes electric cars the ones to hyper mile with , much more fun to see how far you can go on a watt.
Even hybrids are better for such activity.
And these cars are nothing new-what's a diesel electric locomotive...Have you seen the ad for CSX showing a 50 mpg car being transported by a 450 mpg train! Yet why are we ripping up train tracks???

Guess its up to T. Boone Pickens an 80 year olde oil man to show us the right path through the very very painful withdrawl form oil addiction to renewable energy independence.
Sad state of affairs for not only this country but the world.
I welcome your comments.
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