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Trying to stay motivated? Its tough working six 12 hour days a week at my normal job then come home and see a ton of work ahead of me.

So I keep a log of where I'm at and where I'm going. Its about the only thing that seems to help me.

Here are some more pics.
Second compression rings in place that have been file fitted.

Flow chart of my turbo compound system. Changes were made on this chart. Now the outlet side at light load, will by-passes the inter-cooler to a direct port high heat 225*F plus, post throttle body setup.

This is what pressure ratio with mass flow transition between high pressure turbo and low pressure turbo. Red Line is what the high pressure turbo would look like by itself. Blue line is what the low pressure would look like by itself. Yellow is what the high and low pressure turbos plot should be. Included is the high pressure turbo reaction to the cold gate opening and by passing flow around the high pressure turbo.
Pressure Gradient Force
The Positive Side of the Number Line

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