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Shouldn't all new cars have electric backup power brakes and steering by law?

In case the engine fails or it stops running by some reason (GM recall style) shouldn't there be a law mandating all new cars to have electric backup power brakes and steering?

It is unbelievable that some people got killed in developed nations in modern times because the engine stopped running (again GM recall style).
Add this to less engine reliability because of programmed obsolescence...

Wouldn't this pave the road for more fuel-saving on demand electric power steering and brakes?

I've driven some non power steering old cars and you only miss power steering when parking or when cornering during stop and go traffic.
At freeway speeds you don't even mind about power steering, the steering gets softer by itself. At least in (not THAT old) cars with properly designed steering geometry.

The trick would be to make electric steering systems with no more rotating mass and no more friction than a manual system. i.e. you don't have to manually turn heavy, sticky non powered electric rotors.

Same for electric power brakes, perhaps with a linear electric solenoid?

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