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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
What are the "smallest installations"?
People using less than 3 kVA at any moment and paying lowest subscription rate (24.28€/y = 38$/y). I have 9kVA and I'm paying 191.90€/y (=300.40$/y) subscription rate for a total bill of 1200€/y (~1900$/y) including heating.

CO2 emissions would be stellar here; we are just getting around to suggesting that CO@ is a pollutant here.
Since a few years we have air pollution alerts (mainly caused by ozone) and each time we have temporary more restrictive speed limitations on free/highways. In my town the speed of the freeway around the town has been permanently lowered from 110km/h (68mph) to 90km/h (56mph) last summer after a test during previous summer.

People are understanding that any car pollute, but people will not change their car to pollute less. When they will have to change their car, they will be happy to have a less polluting (in fact less consuming) car.

Glad to see somebody with similar interest on the other side of the pond.
Since a few years, advertisement are broadcasted saying "it heats, change your life" with concrete examples of what to do :
  • Sorting domestic wastes is now standard, but people have always as much wastes.
  • For electricity they say to keep unused things off, not idle.
  • For heating they say to configure it at 19°C and not 21°C.
  • With cars they say to lower the speed from 130k to 120km/h (81 to 75mph) to save 10% but I don't think people are doing it for this reason (in fact since 5 year thousand of automatic radars has been installed).

Government is promoting "sustainable development" but I have the feeling it may not be enough... Some people are talking about "global footprint" and I have the feeling it may change more things.

At G8 yesterday, an agreement has been signed to lower CO2 emissions . I was first happy to hear that, but imho 2050 is too far, 50% is too small and it may be 50% comparatively to 1990 !!!
If we are slowing down with such a low rate, then in 10 years when China, India, Brasil... will have same amount of emission as us we'll all kill the planet.

Save money & CO2 at home :
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Earth and health are priceless, so are kilotank and AT-PZEV
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megane : thread - kill switch.
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