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I bought those rollers, but did not try to use them. I do not know what college-educated genius thought that it was a good idea to have drill right before finals, but I was up until 04 finishing Statistics homework and doing a quiz. I need to do one more assignment and I have finals from Monday until Thursday. The only good thing about having drill this weekend is that I can visit my parents after school ends and help them with projects. Mom pointed out after my last visit I only did what Dad asked me to, not anything that she wanted.

I spent much of my time trying to keep his computers and printers working, which he needs for his small business, although I keep asking them why they have several different printers.

Apparently, Dad never wants to go to a different room to print.

I do not know that I will try to move the shed any more. Dad was upset that I kept removing dirt from under the shed, but that was made it nearly impossible to move! Mom has been trying to build a raised garden, but she has not been able to do very much there, while I added a large amount of dirt, it was just the dead Arizona soil that hardly grows anything, while she was purchasing potting soil.

When I finish my finals, I am going to call local supermarkets, talk to the produce managers, and ask for old fruits and vegetables for composting. I do not know how much I will be able to get, but hopefully that will improve the soil. I am currently thinking that I will raise up the shed and put it on an additional layer of cinder blocks, to make it easier to pull out the dirt underneath.

The dirt is soft, a hoe worked pretty well, just slowly. I think that I will purchase them a wheelbarrow, which would have been very useful many times!

Like for moving dirt a short distance...

I just do not know that I want to purchase another winch once I would actually be able to use it!
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