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Originally Posted by xntrx View Post
What gear was that data log in? I hope 4th, because 2350 at 53 mph sounds high.
Nice studs.

Why go this route instead of a VVT? I've thought about adding one (a VVT), add overriding it in DFCO to go full, in order to reduce engine braking on the exhaust side. I've been very happy with the one on my Harley.

I'm guessing its for total power potential? The compounds we do at work are quite impressive monsters.
Yes that data log is from 4th gear. I'm running a auto also, so this is my highest gear.

The main reason I'm going with a compound setup is for low end torque and for racing purposes. I should be able to run in the high 9's in the 1/4 mile with this setup. I will do some autox and some hill climbing events with the car also. That's why I gave it the name Misfit Talon. lol

I'm made some progress today. Here's the latest pic of the high pressure turbo and manifold mock up for fitting the low pressure turbo inlet piping.
In this pic you can see the braided line from the direct port high heat line that eventually will connect to and run around the number four exhaust pipe with copper tubing, and then be feed by the compressor outlet.

By-pass 44 mm gate
Pressure Gradient Force
The Positive Side of the Number Line

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