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In the USA since a woman drove her Audi into her swimming pool and drowned, the regulators made it so you had to have your foot on the brake to shift from park to drive. I think it also works to shift to park. I don't think you can shift to park without your foot on the brake. Even if you start in neutral you still must have your foot on the brake.

I'm sure it is different in other countries. Even on my motorcycle you have to have the clutch disengaged as well as the side stand up, before the bike will crank over.

In the instances I have seen where ignition switches failed, it was due to drivers that had unbelievable numbers of keys on a key chain. A lady with a Mercedes ran a vending machine service and her keys hung all the way to the floor and probably weighed several POUNDS. She complained about having to replace the ignition switch assembly 4 times. I told her to put all of the keys on a separate holder and in the glove box. Problem solved.

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