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I used to test them the same way. Charge it an then turn on the headlights and see how long it lasts. After repeated calls about dead batteries after load testing and charging, I stopped testing them, charged them and then turned on the headlights.

If your headlights will not stay bright for a hour minimum, get a battery. You can read the date code on the battery and if it's more than 4 years old and you fully charge it and it will only keep the headlights bright for an hour, you need a battery first.

Not going to try to tell you it will solve all problems, but without a good battery you are wasting your time with ANY further diagnosis, and throwing any more parts at it is wasting money.

You may be able to repair the circuit board on the dash, and you can test the charging system with a voltmeter. Personally I would not do any of that until I was sure the battery was good enough to do it's job. That's step 1 from 60,000 hours experience since Nixon was President.

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