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56mpg at 138mph?

I put this in the alternative transportation section, because it is an alternative to car transportation. Feel free to move if there is somewhere better to put it

Basically, this plane:


Does 56mpg (US) or 66.666mpg (Imperial) at cruise speed of 138mph.

This is pretty imprssive given the fact that a 747 does about 20-30mpgs 'per person' if you divide the fuel used by a FULL plane. In theory it should be more economical as you get more people into it. The plane above, despite being a single seater, generates less CO2 per mile per person than a 747 or other commercial planes.

If I get my private pilot's license I will be very interested in one of these, particularly living in NZ where it takes a LONG time to get anywhere by road a 2 seater version would be even better!

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