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From the video your were going right at 60-63 MPH. You can calculate it precisely by measuring the distance from beginning to beginning of two stripes, which is about 43 (per stripe) feet here in Va. If you are covering two stripes to the exact same point, per second, that is 86 feet a second.

86X60=5160 feet a minute
.977X60=58.6 MPH

I did not try to precisely time your stripe to stripe time but it was close to a second per two stripes. No way you were going too slow on any highway in the USA, and the SOB in the truck was flying at close to 90.

You are damn lucky to be alive.

I always watch my 6 and I would have done anything to get out of that idiots way. One reason why I always keep situational awareness as my top priority.

I'm not try to be a jerk but did you see him coming up at that astounding rate. You are lucky he did not run right over you and spread you out on the highway.

Show that video to the judge, get his CDL pulled so he doesn't kill someone else.


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