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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
There's really no need to get nasty. I'm discussing his incident with him. There's no trolling in it. Yeesh. Unsubscribe.
Please do not unsibscribe calcivic. I read your posts, they are thoughtful and I occasionally glean some new imformation from your efforts and appreciate them.

You are right in what you posted. I would like to think that such an accident could never happen to me. Terminal disaster anticipation means always watching for a rear ender. I am always aware (or try to be) of whats going on in my rear view mirror. It's just really scary to me watching that video. I told acop once that laws cease to apply when mylife is threatened. I use peripheral vision principally in my rear view mirror, with more attention when I see rapid changes in the objects to my rear.

But the law can never require me to stop another stupendiously stupid's actions cause me injury. It may be an argument for the attorney defending him, but that video overwhelms any defense attornies at providing nay rational excuse. Their only hope is to suppress the video to keep ity from being presented as evidence.

California laws are nuts when it comes to appropriating blame, and I don't know them and don't need to. The point civic made is valid and should be considered as a part of preparation for your ironclad ( you will win) case for some serious money.

Stick around bro.
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