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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
I let the video sit unitterupted then it plays through, I think the problem comes from clicking on the video..

Back to topic -

Your cam just payed for itself 10 fold - lets see the lawyers argue that ,with any success.
I (always) run into those speeding packs of cars ,encroaching from the rear at a high rate of speed like a heard of senseless buffalo.

Good thing you were only nicked, being propelled into something solid would not of be so forgiven.
The scary ones are those who run right up on your rear end and switch lanes at the last second with less than a yardstick of distance between you and the car they cut off in the left lane. No margin for error extreme stupidity. I rode my bike to meet the wife for lunch today. Coming back home at the last left turn 200 feet from my driveway, a kid in a heap with 30 day tags (new purchase) passes me just before I make the left turn. I would have turned right in front of him passing me if I had not heard his engine rev as he passed.
It could have been a nasty mess for me.

regards Mech
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