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Originally Posted by deejaaa View Post
Thanks for your support and stories. My wife told me when I got home today she wouldn't know what to do without me. Guess it finally sunk in that it really happened and could have been a lot worse.
I only replaced the lens so I could drive it to work.
I was going 60 mph. Speed limit is 65.
I will be calling insurance tomorrow. Not able to call from work, gets too busy at times.
I can't be sure what he was thinking, just guess. When I noticed him, he was right on my tail, didn't have time to react. If I had pulled onto the shoulder, he would have either dead-on rear ended me or side swiped me. In the video, it looks like he accelerated a few feet from me. I hate to think he was reacting and hit the wrong pedal.
I am constantly looking now and also notice the ones who make a last second lane change.
If you want my advice, you should be 100% sure you don't have pain ANYWHERE, if you have pain absolutely anywhere make sure you report it, if you don't, make up a pain somewhere (back is best bet) so you will get a little money because something may be messed up in the future, and your going to want to not have to pay for it. The car accident I was in really messed up my back, I hope it's not permanent but I have a feeling it is.

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