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Originally Posted by flores View Post
I'm planning some sort of web control /dash panel.. so you can mount a small tablet or something and monitor all parameters, graphs maybe and change settings.. over wifi
Not sure if Paul's DC controller uses the same micro controller as Paul's AC controller. But when i was checking out the AC controllers microcontroller details i found it has an ethernet port and the ability to run a web server. So if the DC controller was using the same micro controller then there would be the chance of adding a web server to that controller.
I imagine it could be used for monitoring, statistics, configuration, software gauges, etc.
If this happened then a cheap $15 wifi bridge could be plugged into the controllers ethernet port and then any wifi device with a browser would be able to attach to the controller. Smartphones, tablets PCs.

Just thought i would mention it before anyone put in too much effort making an external web box for the controller. If it has the ability to do it itself then why not. Would make it easier once setup as the web server within the controller would have access to all the controllers variables. Also we wouldn't have to worry about some sort of comms protocol between the controller and an external device and keeping them both up to date and compatible.
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