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SUV - Not crazy

Back in February we sold our 11 year old Explorer and bought a Mazda5. It's amazing how many people think they "Need" an SUV to haul kids around when station wagons and minivans are a heck of a lot more efficient. I guess it's just the image thing.

That said, a small car like a Metro is NOT appropriate for hauling kids around in and if you don't understand that, you don't have kids. It's not the kid or the bulky child seat, it's all the extra crap you have to haul, from the stroller and diaper bag and extra outfits in case there's an "accident" to the pack and play if you're going to be overnight at your parent's house, etc.

Why did we have the SUV? It was paid off 9 years ago and there's always a few weeks each year the 4WD came in handy. We put so few miles on it (50K miles when we sold it) that even with $3 gas (back then) that it made no sense to trade it in. We had our third child in April and needed something that could hold three car seats, hence the Mazda5.

I can see this trade in making a lot of sense if this person drives fairly low miles, I imagine you can probably get a loaded SUV for a less than a Civic or Corolla these days!!!! LOL
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