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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I've heard some stories of EPAS cars malfunctioning and veering to one side all on their own. My Fiat has EPAS, the motor on the column type and if you EOC the steering becomes comically light.

Infinity now have a (production) steer by wire system and the mechanical column is there purely for back up. They're hoping to eliminate the mechanical connection altogether.
My Fiat also has EPAS and, although I don't like it a lot, it works fine. It has a function which makes it even lighter when parking or maneuvering at slow speed but gets heavier when going fast (as in many cars with electric-steering), but essentially the system is made in a way that uses a normal steering and is only assisted by the electric motor so, if the motor fails, or you EOC, you have unassisted steering. Evidently, if you go slow it feels very heavy (specially if you have wide tires) but when going at 30 it feels incredibly light.

I find it very clever, as is a relatively simpler system and safer, as it doesn't get extremely heavy as with hydraulic steering.
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