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It's all about Diesel
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2nd-gen Fiat Fiorino, which was made only in Brazil and China. This one was made in Brazil and fitted with the export-only 60hp 1.7L naturally-aspirated IDI Diesel and a 5-speed manual transmission, with a rear bench seat adapted.

CitroŽn Visa 17RD with another 1.7L IDI Diesel. It has one of the best engines to run on vegetable oils.

Chang'An Mini Benni, with a 1.0L 4-cyl engine

3rd-gen Daihatsu Charade, presumably fitted with the CL Diesel engine since it has Uruguayan plates.

CitroŽn C15

CitroŽn Berlingo

Its size is comparable to an average American soccer-mom van, but it's a little narrower and fitted only with 4-cyl engines usually ranging from 1.6L to 2.0L and usually fitted with a 5-speed manual transmission, altough an AMT is available in some markets.

Peugeot Partner

Now I could guess some would be wanting Peugeot to come back to the U.S. market...

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