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Originally Posted by flores View Post
I've been reading the datasheet of the dspic30f4011, and I couldn't find any evidence of Ethernet support.. so..I guess it's no discussion
Quite correct, i got my wires crossed.

The dspic30f4011 provides the TCPIP stack, web server and NIC driver, but it needs a RTL8019 ethernet chip to complete the hardware side of things.
I was looking at the datasheets, jumping around from diagram to diagram and when i saw the diagram with the RTL8019 chip and a handful of components connecting to an ethernet port i thought i was looking at the dspic30f4011 chip.

So although the dspic30f4011 supports all the software side of things.
dsPIC30F brochure (page 13)
It would still need a RTL8019 chip to complete the hardware interface.

But as Paul mentioned, the micro controller may not have the resources to run the web server.
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