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With the OBDuino I want to display information, preferably 4, user chosen, like for instance fuel consumption, vss, rpm, load, etc. in the 4 LCD corners. 16x2 is a little bit small and a 20x2 could have been better however.

Also a nice thing is MIL code retrieving and/or clearing, I am working on it a little bit, it's not complicated.

Having the same libraries as you for LCD and even for buttons management and for parameters management is a +, we should put all the common code in the same place like in the end of our sketch or in a separate source file. The end user should only have to do one (or more?) copy/paste then compile and upload to his board.

Having the same hardware layer (at least for the LCD) than the mpguino is definitively a + too in case someone want to make a *duino/lcd/buttons PCB all-in-one board in Eagle. I use pin D2 and D3 and you use pin D2, D3 and A0, everything else is common. Then the communication interface (VSS+inj or ISO) is another little PCB extension.

There is still a lot of work to do for parameters load/save and menu navigation, there is no menu anyway for the moment lol
2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
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