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Sorry I must have missed your earlier post. I'm not sure how the EGR is connected on the VX, but on my HX it's just an electrical connector. I would clean the EGR passages, followed by disconnecting the electrical connector (if it has one) to see how the car responds to each of these fixes. My EGR valve on my HX is defective and if I have it connected the car will sputter just as you describe, so I have to disconnect the electrical connector to prevent it from happening.

After the EGR, check for vacuum leaks. You can do this by using carb cleaner and spray it around the vacuum hoses and connectors while the car is running. If you notice a change in idle after spraying it, then you know you have a leak in that area. One common area to check is the injector seals.

Did the CEL go away after you corrected the oil level and reset the CEL? It's also possible one or more cylinders is worn out, leaking compression, and causing the sputtering. That oil is going somewhere, so make sure to figure out if it's leaking on the driveway or burning while driving.
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