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i am running Mobil 0w-20 synth in my car now. I run it for about 10000 miles. I

was interested in using the blockheater during the winter and enjoyed easier starts and faster warm up in sub-zero temps. I instantly became inspired to use it for atleast three seasons, however have second thoughts.

My power is 14 cents a KWh... so I am reassessing the FE advantages of my blockheater.

With my heater at 400 Watts it will burn through 1 KWH in 2.5 hours, which right now is equal to about 100 cc's of fuel (3.3 us fluid ounces) in cost.

Right now, without the heater plugged in it takes about 4kms and 375 cc's of fuel to get my warmed up indication from my engine monitor. What is good, is my route is within an area without traffic lights and requirement for (Slowing To Obvious Pauses) might be required only 2 times if i am very unlucky.

However, with your contribution, your post reminds me to evaluate this officially, as see if there is a tangable advantage of three season operation.

Every morning next week i will run it for 2.5 hours. and then each week reduce the time by 30 minutes. I wil record ambient temp, coolant temp. IAT temp, distance and fuel consumption to warm up indication.

What other data would be useful?
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