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Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Thank you for taking the time to report back on what it was like to participate in the GGP.

I would have loved to have gone, but couldn't make it. However, your blow by blow description of the event is like I was almost there. Most of time, one only hears the final results of such a event as this and not the "behind the wheel" scene account. You sir, make it interesting and humorous.

Looking forward to the final installment ...

Thanks Redneck!
I really don't get out much so when I do it's kind of a big deal. Hopefully if there's anyone contemplating going to such an event, they'll have a fairly broad picture of what to expect after reading through all of this. When editing the posts I try to keep it interesting, and since I'm easily amused, I find myself laughing my own-aszsz off...
Running a 41" tall Kubota powered fiberglass brush-primered wedge a couple of hundred miles down the interstate to-and-then-from something called the "Green Grand Prix" pretty much requires one should have a sense of humor or at the very least a couple of screws loose!!
Working on assembling the next entry - thanks for staying with this!!



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