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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
.....This will be part of the non road test, fill the tire at night to a set pressure, lay it down on the ground where the sun will hit it, let it get good and hot to simulate being driven and check pressure again. I am not expecting much to happen......
Some things you might not be aware of:

Tires, when first mounted, expand greatly in the first 24 hours - to the point where people who do this regularly add 2 to 3 psi over the target, so that it will be on target after the tire grows.

Second, even tires that have been deflated, then re-inflated suffer from a lesser form of this.

So I'd recommend mounting the tire for 24 hours before starting the test and readjusting the pressure at the start. That reading should be taken in a stable environment - room temperature.

You need to have a sensitive pressure gauge. I think one with tenths of a psi will work.

And lastly, as an end point, you ought to return the tire to its original condition (at room temperature) and check for leakage by measuring the pressure 24 hours after it is returned to that stable environment. THAT reading should be the same as the first one. If not, you have leakage that invalidates the test.


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