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As I mentioned elsewhere, Windows died the morning of my last two finals. I am still trying to sort out that. I ended up reinstalling Windows and it keeps telling me:

This product key doesn't work. You might need to get in touch with the store or company you bought Windows from, or you can buy a new key from Microsoft.
So, I have not used the computer much since Thursday. On Friday, I took off my exhaust manifold to take it to a welding shop and realized that I was missing two nuts! My ex-girlfriend was there when I replaced the oil pan and she insists that I put all of the nuts on it. I could only guess that I did not have them on tight enough. The welder could not see any cracks, but the face of the manifold was black from exhaust, so it must have been coming out of there, instead of from some crack. I put it back and made sure that it was tight. Everything seemed fine until I drove to my parents' house, helped them all day, and then drove to a date.

I can hear the heat shield again.

I am going to see if those nuts came off again or if the part is somehow warped. I really do not know what I could do besides replace it.

After dinner, since this is a small town, and she said there were not any more movie showings, I took her for a drive, and was pulled over in an even smaller town. The Officer said that I was going "slightly" over the speed limit and my tail lights were flickering just barely noticeably. I told my date that I was waiting until after finals to replace the voltage regulator, which is apparently part of the alternator. She said that a new alternator would probably be cheaper.

Autozone and O'Reilly have voltage regulators for $170, but I can get a Honda one from Majestic or elsewhere for less, while they charge $700 for an alternator!

A and O have alternators for $103!

They are remanufactured, while I can purchase used ones back in the valley for $35-50.
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