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I don't think it's worth $35 to test at every oil change (although I do), but once in a while is good. The Blackstone analysis sans TBN test is $25. Although I don't believe a $35 test is necessary, by sharing my results, others can have confidence that extended oil change intervals won't harm the engine. There is no reason to follow the advice of the lube shops.

Did you see the part of the report that said to go to 18,000 miles on this oil? This suggests that even 5,000 mile intervals is likely unnecessary. My motorcycle revs to 14,000 RPM, has a 12/1 compression ratio, uses a wet clutch (clutch sits in oil), and the owners manual says to change the oil every 8,000 miles! I go through tires faster than I go through oil changes.

I haven't tested my other vehicles, but now that I think about it, I think I will. I'm interested to see how the oil turns out in a 250,000 mile Camry, a 26,000 mile CBR600, and a 330,000 mile Dodge\Cummins.
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