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I still change my own oil, rotate tires and other normal maintenance items myself. I can see the benefits of oil analysis but have never done one myself. I use Mobil1 and extended life oil filters. Last oil change on the Fiesta (no warranty) I did not change the filter. I watch for sales on oil and filters and usually I can get 5 quarts and a quality filter for around $33 including sales tax. I do oil changes at 7500 miles. Her Sorento has a 100k warranty and the dealership told her to keep reciepts for proof of purchase to keep the warranty valid, which is crucial to me. Over 7500 mile intervals would allow them to void the warranty so that will not change. The Sorento is also direct injection, so that raises the issue of deposits from the DI, which I hope the synthetic will minimize.

The Fiesta has no warranty since it is a salvage vehicle. I change the oil and filter every 7500 miles in the Fiesta.

I was going to change the oil and filter on the Ranger at 3k miles after purchase, but when I checked the oil it was full and still very clean, so I went 5k miles, before I changed it with regular oil and filter. Not sure how I would like the potential issues of changing to synthetic on the Ranger which now hasonlyseen 1100 milessince the beginning of 2014.

I'm not saying I am either for or against oil analysis, but in my particular case with the intervals and warranties (or lack of) involved, I am comfortable with my current intervals.
Ford recommends 10k or 1 year with their semi-synthetic oil. When I change the oil in the Fiesta I only fill it to the middle of the level on the dipstick. It barely looses any oil in 7500 miles.

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