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Just got back from Blockbuster, and it seems like the motor is smoother at speed although it is incredibly gutless... yes, I know, compared to what? Coyote X, I did check the ignition timing when I checked the compression. It was about where the hood sticker says it should be, but I'll try kicking it up a couple of degrees as you suggested, if it ever stops raining here. For my money it never hurts to kick in a few extra degrees advance as long as you don't get a ping.
I don't know about the fuel mileage yet; I haven't even put any gas in the car yet since it became mine. So you think that with 158000 on the engine it might be due for a valve job, or that it may be burning an exhaust valve? The compression test doesn't show it yet, and the exhaust pulse at the tailpipe feels smooth. But it sounds a little bit like other engines I've heard with a burnt exhaust valve, so I am inclined to think a valve job may be right around the corner. Based on what I've seen on eBay heads for this engine are pretty cheap.
So should I keep driving the thing, hoping it doesn't get worse? Will any other damage be done if it is burning a valve and I keep driving it until the symptoms are obvious?
What say y'all?

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