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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Are we comparing the carbon footprint of the electricity? To a gallon of gas which is already sitting in the pump? What is the well to wheels carbon cost to get a gallon of gas manufactured and transported into your tank?
It looks like we are. A footnote says "assuming 11,200grams of global warming pollution per gallon of gasoline." That is 24.69 pounds of co2 per gallon, which matches well to the 24.30 pounds of co2 of "wells to wheels" emissions of a gallon of gas in this source:

From that source transporting and refining gasoline adds 24.2% more co2 from the 19.56 pounds you would get from burning a gallon, to 24.30 pounds total.

This is the source for the article which is more in depth about how much money you will save owning an EV, an even about the varying emissions a grid produces during the day. Its from the "union of concerned scientists." and appears not to have a positive or negative EV bias, though the conclusions is that EVs are better for the environment, but could stand more improvement by cleaning up the grid. It also has some renewable energy goals of the various states.
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