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The industrial nations started polluting two centuries ago. China will be the World's largest producer of manufactured goods very soon if not already. India will be a close second while the US ships jobs as well as our national net worth to those countries who
consider pollution secondary to improving their citizens quality of life.

Many cities in China are where London was 75 years ago. Can those same gross polluters of a century ago rationally ask today's gross polluters to cease their growth and development at the cost of their citizens improving their lives?

On the other side of that same coin, those countries can look at OUR history and take steps to avoid our own "mistakes" due to our lack of understanding of the effects of gross pollution for the sake of progress, but don't expect them to just accept our hypocritical judgement of their efforts to join the modern economic and relatively prosperous countries.

While North America may take the path of the tail wagging the dog with regulations that eliminate whoke sectors of electricity generation, the gains we make will only be offset exponentially by emissions from those countries trying to approach our level of personal income.

China has the ability to look ahead in terms of centuries, while the US looks ahead to the next election. Hyperpolitical agenda driven fanatics will bury us just as Kruschev predicted the Soviet Union would in the 1950s.


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