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Originally Posted by twentysixtwo View Post
My guess is they serve the same purposed as the kickers- flow would re-attach after the wheel well. I don't think this would do much for down force although ou never know. If you take it to an extreme (make it 3x bigger and attach to a front end splitter) then it would probably help with front end down force.

My experience is that there is a lot of "art" to aerodynamics - there's a lot you can't tell unless you're in the tunnel.

One the Z06 it's connected to the front splitter/chin spoiler. If I remember right when Topgear did their review (it's a fun to watch episode too), he mentioned they were to aid in downforce.

But, not the case in my car, but I did give it a shot. The tires stick out a good amount on the car stock. So I did another ghetto'd test. I set the garage fan on the floor, with a mister infront of it to blow over the side of the fender and into the tire (not low enough to blow around the air dam or much of the bumper.. but good enough for what I was looking for). The mister was just to visulize the air movement, and also it had the effect of making the tire wet were it was hitting on the leading edge.

The setup:

1st test, stock:

On the, the dark area is where the water (and thus, air) were mainly hitting. It's a good 1/3~ of the tire. Also when I stuck my hand into the wheel well, you can feel the air being blown up into the front of the wheel well and blowing around inside (turbulance?)

So I used a magazine, and duct taped it to the inside of the wheel well:

So I jacked up the car, and spun the tire around to the other side to keep everything in the same place, and started the 2nd test

2nd test, flare:

Here, you can see with the flare, much, much less of the tire was hit with the water/air. And also when I stuck my hand into the wheel well, there was no air tubulance inside. Came to my surprise, so I took the flare off and stuck my hand in only to feel it windy in there again.


I'm looking at subtle mods to the car to make it better. I wonder how much of a difference it would make on all 4 corners, on top of having the moon-dish wheel covers (which I do think look cool).

Lets see how far it can go

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