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how much will .................

Originally Posted by OKXXFE View Post
I saw this diagram while browsing. My idea for a belly pan is a hardware cloth reinforced fiberglass piece tucked in behind the front bumper lip and secured. I'm not so sure about the sides or rear just yet.
As far as that diagram, I dont think I will be able to get the proportions just right (the lower space bumper<->radiator), but how much will that really matter for my purposes?
Also, since the layout of my engine is with the TB intake at the FRONT of the car and exhaust at REAR...(ie the right way IMO), I would like to shorten my intake tube and have it in the airflow behind the radiator. Too bad the bend(s) would be too sharp and too many vs stock.

For material; ABS, fiberglass, or Corrugated Plastic? cost, durability, ease of manipulation...ect.
It's unlikely that you'll ever operate your engine at full load,so you'll never require your cooling system to deal with the maximum heat flux.A less than optimum inlet duct will probably be just fine.Just watch your temps as we head into summer.
As to the combustion air inlet behind the radiator,I'd recommend against that.
With the inlet ahead of the radiator bulkhead you have the most favorable pressure gradient for filling the combustion chambers.So your volumetric efficiency is already optimized.The restriction through the heat exchanger would aggravate pumping losses a little.And you'd have no control over charge density with that pre-heated air.Something perhaps not anticipated by closed feedback loop look-up tables.Don't know.
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