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At the end of the day its all about greed.

The scientists tell the industry there is only 50 years worth of oil left (random figure) so instead of switching over to alternatives they develop methods of making sure they can sell every last drop of the remaining supply. Eg. Hybids.
Use marketing to convince people they need to have an oil burning motor in their electric car.
I don't know anybody who needs to travel further than a 100% electric car can get them more than a few times a year. If they used a 100% electric car for 98% of their commuting they would be able to just hire a oil burner for those few long range trips a year.
Hey with all the cost savings, those few times a year that you do need a gas guzzler you could hire a luxury or sports car that would normally be outside your price range and really enjoy the trip.
And before everyone jumps in and says they or someone they know travels 1000 miles a week. I know there are people who need long range vehicles but how many people need them every day?
Massive four wheel drives, multi ton monsters driven <10km a day just dropping the kids at school and picking up the milk and paper?

A 100% electric car is as clean as the electricity it uses. The electricity grid gets cleaner and cleaner and so the 100% electric car gets cleaner and cleaner. So as it gets older it gets better.
Which oil burning car can say the same?
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