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Originally Posted by OKXXFE View Post
If I am reading this correctly;
? are you suggesting that my intake inlet be in fresh-higher pressure air rather than in the engine bay/warm air? I understand that for power performance, higher density and cooler charge is preferable for cylinder filling. But the interpretation I have from reading these forums is that warm air with low density is preferable for FE by necessitating that the TB plate open more to compensate for an otherwise richer fuel charge.

It would be wonderful if a higher pressure/cooler air charge could provide me with more power AND a better FE, because that is a much more budget friendly mod than the exhaust header I need to save for. I could do a CAI for just a few 10$
---although, looking at my past week avg compared to the same drive last week, I don't think that a cooler charge is better for my consumption as the weather was in the 90's last week and only ~70 this week for the afternoons.

For a little info about my engine set up;
2.2L I-4 , DOHC VVT , MPFI with electrically operated TB...really nothing fancy for these days.
I'm not an engine expert.
My carbureted Honda uses a heat-riser and mixing valve to attempt to maintain about 110-F intake air into the carb.
With electronic fuel injection,your BSFC should already be figured for the production intake/exhaust configuration.
Metering is extremely precise with EFI,I'm not sure the warm air mod will pay dividends.And I don't mean to disrespect those who advocate it.
If your present inlet is ahead of the radiator core,from a volumetric efficiency standpoint,I believe that you ought to maintain that.It is providing a minimum pressure drop while filling the combustion chambers.
You'll need so much mass of air per a given power setting,that doesn't change.
Your Mass Airflow Sensor already 'knows' how much air is coming in,and is providing a calibrated signal to the CPU to provide the fuel injection with the correct pulse width in order to provide the proper mixture.
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