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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
I'm always honest with police or others in official positions. When they decide to cross "the line" I have had great success in face to face direct communication with the judge. A trooper stopped me I95 south of Dc for 80 in a 65 zone. When he walked up to the window (it was dark) he told me he had clocked me at 80. I said "that sounds about right, did you see the idiot that passed me on the right and then pulled over two car lengths in front of me. He said "yes". I told him I was just trying to get away from anyone who drove so stupidly. He gave me a warning instead of a ticket, but shadowed me for 45 miles before passing me and waving on the beltway around east Richmond.

Had a cop tell me if I am sitting at an intersection and see someone getting ready to plow into my arse, the law requires me to sit there and get hit, a potentially deadly situation.

No law requires me to accept a situation where I could be injured or killed.

I would have no problem convincing the judge of that fact.

I agree completely with you. I'm the same way with those in official...and usually unofficial positions. But I have also seen where some people have gotten the raw end of the deal of being an honest person. My uncle has had quite a few of those situations.

Though...I had one day a cop pulled me over and told me he clocked me doing 66 in a 55. This is back when I had a little 2.0 4cyl in a 94 sunbird with 200k miles on it. On top of everything else, it was uphill (very steep hill) and I was doing some tests at maintaining 45 to see how it affected mileage. Not being entirely happy with the accusation...I asked him which tree he clocked because there's no way I was doing 66. Wasn't the smartest thing I could have said >.>. He gave me a ticket, took it to an unofficial hearing, judge let it go.

As for sitting and being hit or moving out of the way...depends on how much I still owed on the car and if there was heavy cross traffic. Might just let them hit me and have the insurance pay the car off.

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