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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
When I was a kid, a friend pushed me into a wall while I rode in a grocery cart. I recommend against riding in those, too.
Originally Posted by Rishar View Post
I laughed way too hard at this haha.
To be honest, I believe that I sustained at least one TBI in my childhood. At least a couple of times I have talked to Army doctors about the time in Basic that a female Soldier hit me in the forehead with the buttstock of her rifle. They ask if I lost consciousness, I said "No," and they said that I did not suffer a TBI.

That is invalid.

I just finished a second Bachelor's and did so poorly that I am trying to transfer to another school in-state to retake the classes, graduate with a higher GPA, actually get into grad school, and have a chance at graduating and paying off my student loans.

There is something seriously wrong with my memory.

Originally Posted by Rishar View Post
But I have also seen where some people have gotten the raw end of the deal of being an honest person.
Can confirm, incorrigible nice guy here, people always take advantage of me.

As for what I would do if someone was going to rear-end me, that really depends on whether I have enough time for the gerbil in my head to get the wheel up to speed; I would think that it depends on the situation. I just might suddenly turn right. If I get cited for not signaling properly, I should be able to fight it.

What do you do if you are about to be hit hard from the rear, but you would be hit by oncoming traffic if you enter the intersection?

As for whether the car is paid off or not, I would be more interested in who or what is in my car. At the moment, I have thirty cans of green beans and a fair amount of tools in the back of my car. If I am rear-ended, any of that could kill me, or worse, get me expelled from Hogwart's.

If I have family in the car, I will try to protect them. If my boss was making me drive him somewhere, I will obey the law, and apply for his position.
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