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Car blew a head gasket day after I sold it?

So I sold my Camry yesterday to a guy, and he drove it to work today (all the way down to L.A, that's about a 120ish mile drive) and the radiator blew and the head gasket went. The car ran just fine yesterday, I drove it, my dad and my little brother drove it... I had no knowledge of any problems with the car, as it ran fine and I did put over 150 miles on it since the accident. He test drove the car and he loved it, which is why he bought it. The repairs come to $1700, and he expects me to either pay for half the repairs or he is threatening to sue me. I haven't responded to any of his texts, as I don't want to incriminate myself. I signed NOTHING agreeing to help with any repairs or anything, and I even told him to go have it checked out before he does anything with it. Does he have grounds to sue me? I had them fill out and sign the release of liability and title, but that was it, no bill of sale, nothing else (bill of sale isn't required in CA anymore).

Any help would be appreciated. From what I have been reading online, he has no grounds to sue me, but would like some secondary feedback.

Oh also, the mechanic they took it to said the head gasket has been damaged for a while now, that doesn't make any sense, if the head gasket was blown/and or going out, wouldn't I have noticed obvious signs? Isn't there warning signs to head gaskets going out?


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