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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Did the vacuum go away because you were tapping the brakes here and there, or did it lose it over time with no braking?

I hope you also learned that you can still stop without assis - you just need to put your leg into it much harder. I'd recommend trying that sometime too - purposefully depleting the vac reserve on an empty road/lot and doing a couple of rapid stops. Just FYI.
It was tapping here and there, the grapevine is quite a massive slope with many turn offs for overheating uphill and many truck runaway ramps going down. I get about two hard brakings in before the vacuum needs to be recharged by the engine. I'm no stranger to braking without the assist of power through different vehicles I've driven over the years, so I didn't panic - but it did certainly get me nervous on something as treacherous as the descent of the Grapevine. Once the initial shock wore off, I turned back on the engine and realized the correlation to something that gave me braking power being charged when the engine was running (and read up to find the name of that something when I got home). I'm interested in seeing if there's a cheap way of putting a pressure meter in place to give me a good idea of what braking power I have.
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