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Ive done this by accident and discovered the savings. I broke the sway bar link on my scion xa, so I drove slower. Boom 36 to 44 mpg. I set cost per mile on the sg2, but it was hard to maintain a gallon a trip. On my Honda I set a budget how much I want to spend to better budget my life and it was able to get better mpg out the gate.

Although Im working on aero mods to get to a gallon a day for my commute, I cant help but give those who see a "prius" shape vehicle a run for their money as everyone seems to want to pass.

I have to admit, seeing people do 70+ in a 45 zone takes the cake. That proved no one looks at the dash, but the car in front or to the front right of them and goes to pass.

Did I mention the arse on a crotch rocket who caught air as he raced me up an over pass just to swerve back into my lane to make a right and go the same route I did?
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