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My wife asked me today, what is global warming? I told her that it is the result of the Earth warming up after the mini ice age from 1300 to 1850. I told her about the Tambora eruption in 1815 and how the temperature In Savannah Georgia went below freezing on the 4th of July the summer after the eruption. I told her about the concern for coral reefs dying after the winter of 1982, in the Florida Keys, when the ocean water temperature dropped below 60 degrees, reefs that had been there for millions of years.

I told her that if they were really worried about global warming then they would stop holding their hands out for money and help me finance my construction of my design.

Her eyes glazed over with information overload and I went in the house.

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Imagine if the US could reverse the $300 billion we spend overseas for energy. Imagine if we could actually produce more than we consume and had plus trade balances. It would create 3 trillion in new capital in our economy every year with banking systems begging for borrowers.

The belief that one should leave this small planet in better shape than we found it is the highest order of human achievement. There is a special place in heaven (pick yours if your beliefs are different) for those who try, even though they may fail, they are those who gave all in the hope of leaving their children a better chance to live well.

That is why I try to get the most out of the energy I consume, so some poor person who can barely survive, can dream and have a chance to realize that dream, a real chance, not an agenda driven hypocrites drivel.

Sorry for the off topic blather.

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