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Guys, I can't even thank you all for your support. Let me just start by saying this. The mechanic they took it to said the head gasket was blown AT THE TIME OF SALE which is complete and utter BS. I had NO overheating issues, no weird noises or anything coming from the car when I sold it. I did tell them that once they buy it, it's out of my hands and I won't help for repairs (my little bro was there and heard me say it). I won't comment on the sale price of the car other then it was sold for 250 as that's what is stated on the Title. If he had listened to me and took it to a mechanic to get it checked out, like I told him to, this probably would never have happened. I checked the oil, tranny fluid and rad level before I sold it to him and everything was in working order, hell, the oil was only a week old when I got in the accident. I changed it on the 24th I believe it was and I got in the accident on the 27th. His wife sent me a message today saying they want 800 for repairs (wtf?) or it will become a 'legal issue'. I haven't responded to her or him and won't do so unless they show up at my house, and in that case I will simply call the police as I do have 'no trespassing' signs out front (my parents put them up a while back).

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