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I think #13 holds the lock cylinder and the bracket #15 to the outside door handle assembly. From the video, he removed the clip just before he could separate the bracket from the outside handle portion. Looks like the lock cylinder slides into the bracket (15) and is held in place by the clip (13). Maybe your clip fell out and is in the bottom of the door. Try assembling them outside of the car and look carefully for the clip location, it looks like it slides in the side outside handle opening where the lock cylinder fits and locks them together.

Everyone should lubricate the lock cylinders on their cars, doors, trunk, and ignition.
that preventative maintenance saves a lot of heart ache with lock cylinders. Be careful on the ignition. I just put some oil or WD40 on the key to avoid flooding the electrical portion ofthe ignition switch, the rest I just shoot some WD into the cylinder itself.

The Ranger was so bad when I got it you couldn't lock or unlock either door.
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