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1995 Civic VX progress/updates/questions

Hey EcoModders,

I picked up this VX not long ago, and immediately started my journey to bringing it back to OEM specs.

It was very close to being all original actually, but I can tell it doesn't have the OEM plug wires. The previous owner said he had it at the shop and it was "all checked out" (whatever that means). But it drove well, everything functioned, so I decided to purchase the car.

I drove it for a couple weeks while I fixed the intermittent odo/trip gauge. I wasn't exactly focused on the MPG at this point, more just making sure the car was going to be reliable, and getting the kinks worked out.

-Put some new 175/70/13 tires on it @ 40PSI (44PSI sidewall)
-Changed the oil with Castrol 5W30 Part synthetic / New Oil Filter
-Put a new climate control in (the recirculate/fresh air button wasn't working previously)
-New air filter

At this point, the car drove well, but one morning I got in it and drove to the dealer to get a gasket for the oil cooler (leaking a little bit) and the car had a slight stumble in it under load at low RPMs.

I got the car home and pulled a plug. This is what I found.

I couldn't believe the car drove as well as it did with all the plugs being that bad! (they were the recommended plug for the car at least).

I put 4 new plugs in, and the car drives like a dream.

With the odo/trip working properly I got a chance to finally calculate my first tank of gas with this car, and at 48.2 MPG I was EXTREMELY pleased. I'd say it was 40% city and 60% highway as well. I can't wait to work towards that first 50+mpg tank.

I'd like to eventually get some wheel covers and maybe 35% tint to keep the heat down a bit in the car (factory no A/C). It also needs new brakes and rotors pretty bad, so that's on the list. It sits like a 4x4, so I'm looking into getting it just a tiny bit lower (maybe 1.5-2 inches). I picked up a set of eibach pro springs, just trying to decide on what struts to go with. I'm leaning towards the koni orange, which are the Koni STR.T struts. Those of you who are lowered at all, did you see any improvements in FE?

Anyway, looking forward to playing with this vehicle and learn a bit from those EcoModder veterans.

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