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On old cars, another problem can happen with disc brakes. We have a '67 Ford with disc front and drum rear. The caliper is a two piston system. Manufacturers used to use "hard chrome" plating over steel for parts like the brake caliper pistons. After many miles, the chrome was worn through to the underlying steel, which began to rust. The brakes began sticking. Took us quite a while to figure this out. The rusted through spots were not huge, only pinhole sized, and we missed the significance the first time we looked it over.

I thought to get the pistons replated, but that's not done any more. Couldn't find any business that provided that service. Instead, I learned that I could buy new pistons made of stainless steel. Much better.

We have to compromise on the brake pads. Over the years, the manufacturer added a 3rd pin. The pads come with a 3rd boss for this pin. The car can use those newer pads, but cannot put the anti squealer on them. Could have machined off that 3rd boss, or found anti squealers that fit, but we went with the easiest option.

When I'm driving alongside a concrete barrier and I open the window, I can hear the wheels squeak squeak squeak.
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