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Originally Posted by echomodder View Post
skyl4rk: Thanks for the info Looks like this may work then. The motor I got is brushless. I've looked at LiFePo batteries & the cost is INSANE! To get a 48V 20aH system would cost $1457!(two Prebulit 24V 20aH systems in series) VS. the NIMH batts cost of $556 (The one I will build). (Prebuilt system would be $959.9 and that would be a 26aH system) The weight is not worth it. The LiFePo system weights 27.8lbs. The NIMH system that I'm thinking of building will weigh about 30-32lbs (Batts alone will weigh 28.8lbs) (Prebuilt system weight= 40lbs. @26aH) Also the charging cycles state about 500 cycles on the LiFePo batts. NIMH says it has about 1000 cycles. Also I agree lead acids are VERY HEAVY which is why I've decided not to go with them. A 48V 20aH system would weigh 56lbs!! Though it would only cost $195 for them. I think the charging cycles is also a down side to them.
I was going to say LiFePo but you are right about the expense. Did you really shop around though for them? Are you making the NiMH packs yourself from D cells? Also remember the charging circuit you will need to use.
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