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So I bought the Green Goblin 2(ish) weeks ago and the cruise hasn't worked since I bought it. I know it's not the best for FE, but considering how much I drive it was great having it in my Camry.

Today, I put a stop to that. I took my Corolla to a mechanic that does wiring and he tested my cruise control actuator and it was bad. He told me the replacement part for it is $719 and told me it was BS, and go to a pick-a-part and see if I could find a replacement. So I did, the ONLY Corolla on the ENTIRE lot just happened to be a Corolla S, equipped with cruise. So I pulled the actuator off and bought it for $26. I take it home.

My little brother and I arrive home and wait ~4 hours for the car to fully cool down. We pop the hood and take a look, realizing this is really easy to replace ourselves, and we really didn't need to pay someone to do it for me. So we replace the actuator, I go for a test drive.

It DOESN'T WORK, OH, WHAT A SURPRISE! I am puzzled at this point and so is my little brother. My little brother asks me "Tim, maybe there is a short somewhere?" I told him "I don't see ho--" and before I could finish my sentence, my little brother cuts me off and says "Found it" so I look and lone and behold, when the ingenuous guy that cleaned the engine bay put the actuator back on for the cruise, he had the wires in the way when he screwed down the screw, slicing through the insulation, right through the wires! Lol! So my little brother, being the little electrician he is, splices the wires together and vioala! I finally have cruise! I suffed for 2 weeks for absolutely nothing! Pics below.

The cut wire, after my bro fixed it, didn't think about taking pictures until after it was fixed.

Repair job, pretty good!


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