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Some pictures, saves me from a couple thousand words! I'll try to keep it short!

When I bought the car, in all it's hideousness.

After a lot of welding and mending I changed the old worn down 2 liter carb'ed engine to a 2 liter injection engine.

Installed a vacuumgauge and oilpressuregauge together with some other things. Lowering springs, better shocks, poly bushes.

Two years later I wanted more power, so in came the 2.3 liter (b230fb) from a Volvo 940.

Then an electric fan for more power

Did some slalomming

Then the eco interest showed up, so I made a front undertray

And because the car narrows at the bottom, made some front tire deflectors

Started prepping for a grillblock, sealing the gaps in front of the rad

Got some more gauges for oilpressure and volts

And bmw 320 mirrors, which are a lot more aeroshaped then the original mirrors

so in short, some of the performance upgrades are also good for fuel economy.
The original carb differential happens to have the longest gearing available, together with the five-speed this is quite nice.
Lowered the car 2"
Electric fan instead of one on the crank
New engine with better management (lmm, lambda sensor)
Front undertray
Better mirrors

Future mods will be
Turbo camshaft, short duration, short overlap, small valve opening
Full undertray
Partial kamback
Engine cut-off switch

Hoping to break the 40 MPG!

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