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Actually it can hit 40 mpg right now I got the car from my uncle who just used it as a commuter car and he said it always was around 35-40 mpg average per tank depending on how much traffic he had during his commute. Which has me wondering what kind of potential this car really has.

I'm already running synthetic oil and my tires are at 37 psi cold. I'm deciding on some lighting options right now I've got some plans for that coming up. I probably won't do the DRL delete just because I don't want the warning lights from it but I'm still considering it at least to see what it's worth as far as FE goes. And I hate the way my car looks without the spoiler so it's going to stay for now.

Anyway I'm working on a fully adjustable grille block design for the lower opening on the bumper and I just finished getting all my measurements. I'm posting them just so I don't forget.

The total top length is about 40" and the height of the opening is about 4" the depth is 3 1/2"

Its going to be made of plexiglass or lexan whichever they have at the hardware store and for this application I don't think coroplast will work. There will also be a few motors that I've scavenged from some old rc cars as well.

I'll post some pics of the 3d rendering when I finish it later. But I think you're all going to like it.
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